Simple Hive Stand

Simple Hive Stand

The simple hive stand is made out of 2”x 6” pressure treated wood.   The depth is 19” from the front to the rear.  The width should be 4’ so if you decided to add another hive you will not have to build another hive stand.  There will be two support beams that would be from 1’ in from each side (approx. 15.5”). 

Option 1 – You can anchor a 4”x4” post in the ground.  The post should go down 2.5’ into the ground and cemented.  The support beams would be nailed to the 4”x4” post.  The post will come approx. 24” from the ground.

Option 2 – You can purchase (4) cinder blocks.  Stack two blocks on each side.  Then place the stand on top of the cinder blocks.  The cinder block stands must be level with no “wobble”.

The stand should be level and sturdy.


Stands just built


Stands on cement blocks


Stands cemented in place