Georgia Certified Beekeeper

Ray Civitts - Owner





We ship honey bee packages on the east coast and in the mid-west.  We offer a full range of beekeeping supplies.  We also offer overwintered nucs and seasonal nucs for local pick-up. 

Our success is deeply rooted in offering outstanding customer service, knowledgeable employees, and quality products.  We are very committed to "Made in the USA".  We diligently search every avenue of products that are made in the USA.  Only when all avenues are exhausted, will we source products internationally. 

We offer a "one stop shop" for beekeepers.  We offer all components from the hive, to the bees, to honey extraction supplies. 

You will find our customer service is friendly and knowledgeable.  Our customer service representative will assist you with your questions, as a new beekeeper or as a seasoned beekeeper.  If we do not have an immediate answer, we will call you back with the answer.  We want you to succeed in beekeeping!

Every successful company has rock solid employee's.  We are no exception!  We have key employees that keep our company running well. 

Kendra is responsible for our retail operation, shipping, and managing our "Bee Day's".  Kendra is our "glue" during bee season. 

Shelly is in our call center and will assist you with solid customer service. 

Aubrey is responsible for booking all bee orders for the entire season and taking call-in orders. 

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Best Regards,

Ray Civitts - CEO