Mountain Sweet Honey Company quality assures each sale made to our customers. Each hive is reviewed for the health of the queen, brood production, honey, and population. Due to many factors, out of the control of Mountain Sweet Honey Company, the honey bees are sold “as is”. In the event you pickup your bee package or honey order, you agree the quality of the bees or honey is acceptable, all sales are final once you leave the store premises, with no refunds allowed.

All shipment orders are F.O.B. Your shipment has been insured with the USPS and is included in the shipping cost . If there is a bee or honey loss, in your shipment, it is the responsibility of the customer to file a claim immediately with the USPS. Please save your Postage stamp to assist the Postmaster with filing a claim. The customer should take pictures of the loss to help substantiate the loss. Should you have a third party delivery, the customer must seek reimbursement from that source of delivery.

By placing your order online or by phone, you certify that the name and address is correct. Any errors typed in the order are the responsibility of the customer. Mountain Sweet Honey will not be liable for typos in the online ordering process. Any errors must be reported within 48 hours to ensure your bees or honey reach their proper destination.

You will be emailed a shipping tracking number the day the shipment has been made.

Each party agrees with these terms and conditions of sale. If the customer does not agree with the terms and conditions, the party must notify the other party 48 hours of the order date. Bee refunds will not be issued after February 1, 2015. After February 1, 2015, all bee order sales become final. All honey orders will be issued refunds, so long as, the order is not deemed a special order within the invoice. Additionally, a honey order refund will be processed so long as the order has not been picked up or shipped. Once the honey order has been picked up or shipped the order is non-refundable.

In the event a order is placed and is requesting the shipment to go to a secondary address, the customer hereby agrees that the credit card charge is valid and non-refundable.

For credit card purchases, you agree that you are 18 years or older, you also agree that you are authorized to use this credit card, and you agree to the charges contained in the invoice which includes shipping and handling charges. In the event, you do not agree with these charges, you must notify Mountain Sweet Honey 48 hours of the date of order.
The customer agrees to these terms and conditions as a condition of placing this order.